A YEAR OF wilderness learning


Nature experience,traditional knowledge and community weaving. We want to connect more to the world around us and see ourselves as an active part of this world. This is why we start a year of self organised learning.



We want to organise a training, in which the participants get actively involved and cocreate the contents over the course of one year. This is how we want to create a space for intrinsic learning and align the course to the needs of the group. As an alternative draft to the predominating rigid and hierarchical education system, our way of lerning shall be self-determined and experince based. We want to be outside, pracise living with nature and the cycle of the year and develop into a community ROOTED in solidarity, trust and awareness.



We adress people from different surroundings.


Wilderness Padagogy is for us one method out of many in order to initiate social change and find ways of sustainable living. The connection to our ecosystem and thus to ourselves, gives us strengh to get active. From our point of view, knowledge and skills from Wilderness Padagogy can be useful tools for political activism. They can help us to block, sabotage or transform the self destructive system in place.


What is fundamentally needed is the BLOSSOMING of a society which feels connected and ready to take responsibility.



This is why we want to design our training ecologically and solidary. Through our actions we want to create an alternative draft to capitalism, trading and pressure to perform. This is why our year of learning shall be as free of hierarchy and money as possible. With this we would also like to invite those who could not or would not participate in existing programs due to material, emotional and/or social barriers. We show our solidarity to the anti-racist and the anti-Fascist fight and do not want to give space to misanthropy, no matter which kind.


We want to take time in order to question existing roles and patterns and to deal with upcoming issues.


We are Wildlings and as such we will explore, question, learn and experience together...and in the end we will sett off with resilience to this system, like SEEDS invade a fallow land.


a seed



and revolves.